Debian iptables Linux

kernel: conntrack: generic helper won’t handle protocol 47.

I was getting the following message in my log files on my Debian firewall. kernel: conntrack: generic helper won’t handle protocol 47. Please consider loading the specific helper module. The nf_conntrack_proto_gre module needs to be loaded to resolve this. modprobe nf_conntrack_proto_gre To load it automatically at boot, I created a new file (gre.conf) in /etc/modules-load.d […]

Sysprep Windows Windows 8.1

Keeping drivers after running sysprep

When building an image that is to be used on multiple machines of the same type, it’s useful to keep the drivers after running SYSPREP. To do this run the following prior to SYSPREP Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Sysprep\Settings\sppnp Select Edit – New DWORD value Name the new value PersistAllDeviceInstalls Set to a value of 1 and […]

Bind9 Debian Linux opendkim Postfix

OpenDKIM on Debian 9.4 (stretch)

I spent a lot of time trying to get OpenDKIM to work on Debian Stretch. Having searched the Internet thoroughly, once again I found many different configurations, none of which actually worked for me. These are my various config files, with the domain name(s) swapped for “” and the ‘selectors’ swapped for “example-selector-name” If you […]