Linux VPN Wireguard

Wireguard on Debian 11 – quick howto

Create the local configuration: Host parameters: Remote host (peer) public IP: Local host public IP: Address of (local) Wireguard interface (wg0): Wireguard listen port: 51820 Local private key: xxxx Local public key: yyyy Remote public key: zzzz Remote network address: Local network address: Create the private key: wg genkey | […]


Some useful MySQL commands

Grant privileges* on table: To grant SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE privileges on table name: data_table to a user name jdoe, you would run the following GRANT statement: GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON data_table.* TO ‘jdoe’@’localhost’; *Privileges can be any of: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, INDEX, CREATE, ALTER, DROP, GRANT, ALL Revoke privileges on […]

ADSL ISP Linux Networking

Linux PPPoE configuration

I’m using Linux PPPoE for my internet connection, along with a Cisco VA887 router, in modem mode. Here’s the configuration for my specific ISP, but there’s no reason why this shouldn’t work with typical UK ISP’s This configuration should reside in /etc/ppp/peers/YOUR_ISP_NAME noipdefault defaultroute replacedefaultroute hide-password bsdcomp 15 deflate 15 noauth refuse-eap user ‘your isp […]