ADSL ISP Linux Networking

Linux PPPoE configuration

I’m using Linux PPPoE for my internet connection, along with a Cisco VA887 router, in modem mode. Here’s the configuration for my specific ISP, but there’s no reason why this shouldn’t work with typical UK ISP’s This configuration should reside in /etc/ppp/peers/YOUR_ISP_NAME noipdefault defaultroute replacedefaultroute hide-password bsdcomp 15 deflate 15 noauth refuse-eap user ‘your isp […]

Cisco Networking

Cisco inverse subnet masks

Leeched from (without permission) Cisco Netmasks, CIDR sizes, and Inverse Masks The address/netmask syntax of should be familiar to anyone with some experience with IP routing, and is fairly easy to figure out address ranges given a calculator and a piece of scrap paper. There are other forms of addressing which are used […]

Checkpoint Checkpoint Firewall Networking

How do I create manual ARP (for inbound NAT) entries in Checkpoint?

Updated 11th July 2017 Manual ARP in Firewall 1 NG If you must use manual NAT rules on win 2000 (and later!), do the following: 1. Create c:\windows\fw1\R62\fw1\conf\local.arp file as per the format below. 2. Uncheck “Automatic Arp Configuration” in Global Properties 3. Check the setting under the Manual Nat settings in Global Properties. 4. […]

Checkpoint Checkpoint Firewall Networking

How to redirect log files to another drive (Checkpoint) (Firewall NG)

I’m running VPN-1 UTM and this tricked worked fine. Looking at the registry, there are several keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CheckPoint\FW1\ which look to pertain to whichever version you have installed. Under the top level key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CheckPoint\FW1\ is a “CurrentVersion” String. Mine is “6.0” so I navigated to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CheckPoint\FW1\6.0 and created the “FWLOGDIR” string there, restarted the […]