Nike+ SportWatch code 52 error

Nike Sportwatch

If you are getting the Code 52 or Error #52 message when plugging your Nike+ Sportwatch into USB..

Try plugging it into a USB 2.0 port and not USB 3.0 (the blue port).

It doesn’t seem to work properly in some USB 3.0 ports.

Nike rather unhelpfully suggest:

If Code 52 persists, reset the SportWatch through Nike+ Connect.

Well, that’s not very helpful is it – because if the software can’t communicate with the watch, it won’t be able to reset it!

They also suggest:

Unplug the Nike device from your USB port.
Click the “Start” button on your computer’s taskbar. Click All Programs and select Nike+ Connect.
Nike+ Connect will open and place an icon in your Windows notification area, which is located in the bottom right corner, near the clock.
Right-click with your mouse on the Nike+ Connect icon in the Windows notification area and select “Restore”.
You should receive a confirmation message box.
Connect your device to your USB port.
The confirmation message box should update to reflect your device type, and you should now be able to click the “Restore” button.
If you’re using a FuelBand, SportWatch or SportBand, your device will go through a factory reset.

Same problem – it can’t communicate with the watch, so cannot reset it.

The solution seems to be; use a USB 2.0 port instead of USB 3.0