Adding Java support to Linux (specifically CentOS / Redhat)


Note: this method was developed for older CentOS / Redhat systems and is unlikely to be required now.

Go to and download the JRE for your distribution.

If your distro supports RPM packages, get the “Linux self extracting RPM” version.

This will then create a .bin file, which you need to execute – ./.bin.

This will then extract the files to the current directory/java-xxx-xx

If you extracted these files in /usr/local then your java will be in /usr/local/java-xxx-xx which you can either rename to just java, or create a symolic link e.g. ln -s /usr/local/java /usr/local/java-xxx-xx

Then edit /etc/profile, and add this directory to your path, as per below.

# Path manipulation
if [ `id -u` = 0 ]; then
    pathmunge /sbin
    pathmunge /usr/sbin
    pathmunge /usr/local/sbin
pathmunge /usr/X11R6/bin after
pathmunge $JAVA_HOME/bin after
export JAVA_HOME