How do i create manual ARP (for inbound NAT) entries in Checkpoint?

Manual ARP in Firewall 1 NG

If you must use manual NAT rules on win 2000 (and later!), do the following:

1. Create a local.arp file and place it in the conf folder.

2. Uncheck "Automatic Arp Configuration" in Global Properties

3. Check the setting under the Manual Nat settings in Global


When this is enabled you will not have to add any routes for NAT to the firewall. I know that this feature is available with FP3.

If you do not have the option then add the static routes on the firewall module for NAT.

4. Reinstall your policy.

5. Last but not least - reboot or just do a cpstop and a cpstart

When I had to do this I just created the local.arp file, did a cpstop, copied the file to the conf directory, did a cpstart, then pushed out the policy with the changes to the Global Properties.

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